2000+ Awesome Android Apps Source Code To Boost Your Development Skills

2000+ Awesome Android Apps Source Code To Boost Your Development Skills

Do you want to get 2000+ Awesome Android Apps Source Code To Boost Your Development Skills? Don’t worry,Etutors will provide you top premium androids apps sources code to learn or develop your coding skill upon Android.

hey each person, welcome to this Etutors, which goes to be simply essential to all those who’re in predicament for his or her tasks and the challenge submissions. this text is likewise going to help you in case you’re an enthusiast searching ahead to discover and decorate your Android abilities. The cause is that we’re here to provide you the pleasant thoughts of the Android project with source code that you could choose as in keeping with your choice.
those undertaking ideas are easy suggestions that will help you deal with the problem of selecting the proper tasks. In this ETutors, we’ll see the venture ideas from beginners degree and later we’ll circulate directly to intermediate to improve.

Where can I get the source code for Android apps?

First of all download apk decompiler search it on google then decompile it.
You will need three Tools in this process. Decompile APK Files and get Source Code ( JAVA & XML )


1. APK Tool
2. Dex2jar
4. Your APK file to decompile

Procedure for decoding .apk files, step-by-step method:

Step 1:

Make a new folder and copy over the .apk file that you want to decode.

Now rename the extension of this .apk file to .zip (e.g. rename from filename.apk to filename.zip) and save it. Now you can access the classes.dex files, etc. At this stage you are able to see drawables but not xml and java files, so continue.

Step 2:

Now extract this .zip file in the same folder (or NEW FOLDER).

Download dex2jar and extract it to the same folder (or NEW FOLDER).

Move the classes.dex file into the dex2jar folder.

Now open command prompt and change directory to that folder (or NEW FOLDER). Then write d2j-dex2jar classes.dex (for mac terminal or ubuntu write ./d2j-dex2jar.sh classes.dex) and press enter. You now have the classes.dex.dex2jar file in the same folder.

Download java decompiler, double click on jd-gui, click on open file, and open classes.dex.dex2jar file from that folder: now you get class files.

Save all of these class files (In jd-gui, click File -> Save All Sources) by src name. At this stage you get the java source but the .xml files are still unreadable, so continue.

Step 3:

Now open another new folder

Put in the .apk file which you want to decode

Download the latest version of apktool AND apktool install window (both can be downloaded from the same link) and place them in the same folder

Download framework-res.apk and put it in the same folder (Not all apk file need this file, but it doesn’t hurt)

Open a command window

Navigate to the root directory of APKtool and type the following command: apktool if framework-res.apk

apktool d myApp.apk (where myApp.apk denotes the filename that you want to decode)

now you get a file folder in that folder and can easily read the apk’s xml files.

Step 4:

It’s not any step just copy contents of both folder(in this case both new folder)to the single one

and enjoy

Etutors top source code list

  1. Dream11
  2. Android chatting app with firebase yoohoo
  3. Tinder
  4. Grocery (web + app)
  5. E commerce (web + app)
  6. Food Delivery (web + app)
  7. Go pick me (web + app)
  8. Grab cab (web + app)
  9. Grocery (web + app)
  10. Ola (web + app)
  11. Meetly (web + app)
  12. Milk delivery android app
  13. Mx hd Video player
  14. Outride (customerapp + merchant app + driver app)
  15. Pubg Tournament App
  16. Quick earn play fantasy game lucky draw with admob network (App)
  17. react app builder (app)
  18. Smart School Management System (Web + Android)
  19. Smart hospital Management System (Web + Android)
  20. Swiggy (User + web + Delivery Boy)
  21. Taxi (android + ios)
  22. TicTic
  23. Urbanclap (Web + Vender + App)
  24. Android Ebook App
  25. Ciya shop (app)
  26. Khatabook (app)
  27. Wallpaper app
  28. garage cms
  29. Grofers Multi Vendor (delivery + store manager + User + Web)
  30. Go Taxi (web + app)
  31. helix jump
  32. LaTaxi app

***many more 2000+ source code available to develop your skill

Benifits off those apps source code?

notable to enhance your coding skills
amazing to experiment with new technology
notable to be brought to your portfolio to impress your next employer/client
top notch for use as examples in tutorials (articles or films)
clean to finish and also effortlessly extendable with new functions
This is not just a easy listing of projects, however a group that describes every project in enough element so you can expand it from the ground up!


Etutors will give you all those files with a few amount of pay. more details whatsapp or email us.

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