Why Digital Business Cards or Vcard Are A best Choice Than Paper Cards?

Why Digital Business Cards or Vcard Are A best Choice Than Paper Cards?

Why Digital Business Cards or Vcard Are A best Choice Than Paper Cards? Etutors explain you about DBc/Vcard details with best PHP Source code details to create top business card website with reseller pannel/whitelebel

What is Digital Business card/Vcard??

A digital card (also referred to as virtual or electronic business cards or Vcard) is a web means of sharing contact information. Digital business cards are often created on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer, and are oftentimes cheaper than their paper counterparts. Like typical business cards, electronic business cards are often customized, designed, and shared with anyone. There are not any space constraints with digital cards—you can add the maximum amount or as little information to your card as you’d like. additionally to your normal contact information (like your name, company, email, and phone number) you’ll enrich your card with a photograph or video, a logo, social media profiles, and more.

How do digital business cards/Vcard work?

There are several digital card website out there, and you’ll got to find the one that works the simplest for you. We recommend MyvisitingCardMyvisitingCard may be a Best digital card with very low cost Rs.499/Year. MyvisitingCard allows you to make multiple digital business cards with different information on each card, so you’ll have a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends. Unlike other card , with MyvisitingCard you’ll share your card with anyone, albeit they don’t have the app. ClicK to Login/Create Your Card here. Franchise System also available ,anyone can earn Rs.299/Card/year. To get franchise is whatsapp Us.

What are the benefits of digital business cards?

  1. Click, Call and Business!
  2. You can whatsapp to anyone Without saving number.
  3. People can Share or Forward your Business Card.
  4. They can Whatsapp you. Without saving your number!
  5. Gallery (20 photos)
  6. Can view number of visitors visited your page
  7. About us Display
  8. Show your products/ Services with photos along with descriptions
  9. Each Inquiry option for products/Services
  10. Youtube videos (5 videos)
  11. Inquiry form to capture lead(will reach ur mail)
  12. Customer Rating
  13. Admin dashboard(update your card unlimited times )

Best Vcard/Business card Php source code ?

The most obvious and important advantage of digital business cards is that they’re good for the environment. Or rather, they simply avoid the value that paper business cards have — which, as we’ve already seen, mostly get thrown out within every week .

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